August 7, 2009

The One (or many) That Got Away....J Crew Mica Mini

Don't you just hate it when you try on, or just see something online, that is gorgeous, beautiful that you just have to have it? But you just don't pull the trigger.

You choose to wait, citing lack of funds, or you don't really "need" the item in question, yada, yada. But then, days later after reconsidering, you really feel as if your life will not be complete without this item in question. You stealthily return back to the store, or check online, and discover that the item is gone, out of stock, never to return again.

Although many savvy shopper may attribute this to "it just wasn't meant to be", I think that's a load of crap. I think I just hesitated too long. Booooooooo!

So, in honor of the one (or the many that got away), post your item that got away. Mine, for the day, is the Mica Mini from J Crew. They no longer have it in my size online and my B&Ms are totally sold out of them, tear.

Share your loss... :)


MeggyD said...

Did you try ebay??

They have some several sizes.

Coley said...

Hey Meggy! I've stalked Ebay...and I haven't seen the size I want in a while...

bug pin said...

Mine is the rolling ruffle in dusty shell xs

I saw that mica skirt back on there today!! Run--go check it out!

The rolling ruffle keeps popping back but not XS-DAARN U J Crew!! These games you play!!

Coley said...

I hear ya, Bug! The Mica Mini is on there...just no size 2! :(