August 24, 2009

Fall Wishlist...What's Yours?

Fall is my favorite season. Not only do I love the sound of crunching leaves, running on a cool morning and going to football games, but I also love fall clothing and shoes. Below is my running list of fall items that I am currently craving...

I *try* to shop according to my list, but we all know that rarely happens!
  • Cognac boots
  • Black suede booties
  • Patterned wrap dresses
  • Leather or faux leather jacket
  • Lightweight scarves
  • Gray suede pumps
  • Black boyfriend blazer
  • Thick wrap sweaters
  • Bold bags
Here's a Polyvore set of a few items that are on my fall wishlist....
Coley's Fall Wishlist

What are you craving for fall?


Chasing Davies said...

Those boots are cute! I will have to check them out and try them on! :)

Anonymous said...

I am desperately hunting for a gray pencil dress. So far no luck finding one that has sleeves and is sexy and classy.

Coley said...

Chasing - I hear ya...I'll have to stalk those during my next Target trip.

Anon - How about this dress at AT? It's 30% off, too?