April 14, 2010

Cheap Thrills - A Hodgepodge of Sorts

Hi all! Today's edition of Cheap Thrills is a true hodgepodge of sorts.

A few of my random Cheap Thrills...
  • Snickers Ice Cream Bars and Snickers Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins: I really don't need to 'splain this one, do I?
  • Criminal Minds (the TV show): If you haven't watched this show and you like forensics and/or crime drama and/or shows similar to CSI, this is a winner for you. Great character development and thought-provoking!
  • Chocolate Almonds from Costco: So good that I would pay a yearly membership to access these alone.
  • Sleeping In: This hasn't happened in a long time...but once in a while I really enjoy sleeping past 9 a.m. It's a throwback to my college days...
The set below is definitely not "themed" and the pieces certainly don't mesh well with each other, but individually the pieces are great scores - especially considering each costs less than $25. I'm diggin' that rolled up plaid from ON...how adorable would that be with some denim shorts and wedges?!

Speaking of great scores - Amrita Singh (whose necklace is featured in the set below) is hosting a 50% off necklace sale right here through Thursday at midnight. There are some fabulous deals for those of you NOT suffering through a self-imposed shopping ban ;)