April 16, 2010

WTF Friday: Some "Interesting" Ensembles & Eye-Stonishing Eyebrows

Happy Friday to all! Glorious Friday - hooray! Let's not waste any time...here are my picks for WTF Friday...

Jessica Simpson...oh girlfriend you really are lovely. Jess kinda has a bi-polar fashion thing going. She either looks glamorous & flawless or, on the flipside, she looks a bit a mess, like the lazy farmer's daughter. On a different note, her legs are super toned - impressive!

Jess - why the eff do we need to pair a baggy, saggy denim shirt with a floral minidress? I like chambray shirts. I like floral dresses. I do not like them paired sloppily together. Ditch, it, Jess!

And then we have Uma Thurman - another stunning woman with a super poor choice of ensemble.

I've always thought Uma Thurman is just so naturally gorgeous. She has a rockin' figure and a lovely face...so WTF happened? Is she starring in a revival of the movie Hocus Pocus? This ill-fitting, sad frock needs to go away. Now. And, Uma, girlfriend, it's SPRING! Bag that black mess.

And then there's Mary Kate Olsen. Listen - I think the Olsen twins are adorable and extremely sharp businesswomen - they have built an insanely profitable and lovely fashion empire. Kudos.

And yes, sometimes they dress a little kooky - but whatever, that's high fashion. HOWEVER, what the eff is with MK's eyebrows???

Image via: Wenn.com

I'm a fan of a full brow (I mean take a look at mine, I'm occasionally one absent pluck session away from Frida), but this is OOC. Mary Kate - please get your teeny little butt over to a salon and get those mini-squirrels tamed. Can we at least run a brow comb through them?!

So friends - what do we think of today's WTF Friday nominees? All beautiful women who look a little wonky this week. Not the worst offenders by any stretch of the imagination, but all three are definitely lagging behind their potential.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!