April 9, 2010

WTF Friday...Triple Threat

Happy Friday to everyone! Who's excited for the weekend?! Both hands up over here!

For today's edition of WTF Friday I have a few precious photos to share...first up is Ms. Ginnifer Goodwin....

Hmmm...Ginnifer that skin below your collarbone and above your navel is just stunning. Whaaa?? Plus, velvet? I know there have been some cooling trends, but this look is not cool. It bums me out because usually Ginnifer just kills it with her ensembles. This look just dies. It also vaguely reminds me of Silence of the Lambs - you know, when he's preparing his skin suit? I know...gross...sorry. No likey.

And then there is Leighton Meester - another adorable girl with a wonky ensemble. From the front, this dress is actually cute! Then we turn to the back. It's SUPER LEIGHTON! Fly away with your fringe! Either that or she's modeling spring's newest trend - Car Wash Accessories. WTF Leighton - stopit.

And it wouldn't be a true WTF Friday without some randomness from Mischa Barton. Mischa - Christy Turlington called from her 1985 Cosmo photo spread - she wants her outfit back. There is nothing good to remark about this atrocity - the red pumps are an awkward height, the jeans have a horrible fit (and NO one looks good in banana yellow jeans), plus keep your belly to yourself - I don't care how good or bad it looks.

Those are today's pics for WTF Friday! What do we think, ladies?!