April 28, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Weather or Not, Here I Come

Happy Wednesday to all! Today's edition of Cheap Thrills is aptly titled, Weather or Not, Here I Come....why you ask? Well, couple reasons...

1) The weather is rarely predicatable, as I am rarely predictable
2) I'm hoping to actually make it to Atlanta this weekend to see my very good friend Julia...my last trip was canceled due to inclement weather. I'm trying to make nice with Mother Nature so she let's me visit my good friend and explore Hotlanta.

And since the weather is free...unless you're on vacation - then you essentially paid to experience that climate - here are my cheap "weather thrills"...
  • 80 degrees and sunny-ish...great weather for the beach - not too hot and it's not a bad thing if an occasional fluffy cloud passes by
  • 75 degrees and SUNNY...the perfect mix in my opinion for galloping around town
  • 62 degrees and partly cloudy...perfect running weather
  • 50 degrees and partly cloudy...I love boots. What can I say.
  • 32 degrees and sunny...but only for one day...I like a teeny bit of fluffy snow
I hope ya'll enjoy my Cheap Thrills!