April 13, 2010

Tuesday's Two Tricky Trends

Holy alliteration, Batman!

But really, I'm starting to think about some new trends that are making their way into the spring & summer wardrobe collections. Some of these trends are tricky - some are downright fug and some I lurve. So, I thought I would post a few pretty pics & picks and get your opinion on Tuesday's Tricky Trends.

The first trend up to bat is Skinny Cargos. This truly is a tricky trend, and one that may go in and out within a season or two. BUT...I have seen a few ladies absolutely rock the skinny cargo trend and I think it's worth considering...here's my take:

1) If you carry extra weight in your thighs, this probably isn't the trend for you. The additional cargo pockets are typically placed on the thigh area, adding a bit of bulk to that area.

2) These pants seem to be pretty versatile - you could sport them with flats and a blousy tee or stacked wedges and a tank. So, while they seem to be on the pricey side, it looks like they can be styled numerous ways, making the cost per wear plummet.

3) Just like any other pair of pants that you purchase - make sure these fit all across the leg. These aren't meant to be loosey goosey relaxed cargos (that's another trend completely). These should fit all down the leg, but should not be painted on. That's never attractive. When in doubt - tailor in.

The second is trend for discussion today is White Jeans. Now, I don't really consider white jeans (or pants) a "trend" per se. I've personally liked white pants for some time, but the past two or three summer white jeans have been popping out in every cut and finish imaginable. So here is my take on the white jean trend...

1) If you're going to wear them, they better be super-white. These babies will look amazing with just about any color of the rainbow and look really fresh for spring & summer. (Although I did pair my white skinnies with cognac boots in the fall, too!)

2) Fit is absolutely vital for white denim (I'd say even more so than traditional blue jeans). Make sure you pick a pair that accentuates your legs. When in doubt, a straight-leg usually works on most people.

3) Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, choose a pair that is even the least bit translucent. If need be, spend the extra $20 or $30 to obtain a good pair of white jeans!

So ladies, what do we think of these two trends?

Any styling tips or tricks to add?