April 26, 2010

Product Review: Bumble & Bumble Styling Lotion, B

Hi everyone! Happy Monday...I hope you all had a great weekend!

Up for review today is a highly revered product - Bumble & Bumble's Styling Lotion. This is one of those products that you read about in all the fashion mags as God's gift to hair styling. So, when I chopped my hair in early February my *awesome* stylist used this little magical product on my new 'do.

Here are the product deets straight from B&B's website:

A versatile styling option for control, body building or sleekness, plus a nourishing moisturizer which leaves the hair soft with natural movement.
Who: Anyone; a good choice for fine, frequently styled, fragile or chemically treated hair.

When: Anytime; after Prep or Tonic Lotion and before heated tools.

How: Spray on damp hair evenly by sections; work through and style.

Price: 2 oz. for $8 or 8 oz. for $23

And onto my review...

The Good: The product makes my hair "perform" better. I know that sounds incredibly weird, but when I use it I typically have more volume, more moisture and curls or waves hang in there longer. I dig the scent, too!

The Bad: While I don't use a *ton* of product, $23 for 8 oz. is a bit steep. This is especially true for sprays as we all tend to spray a bit more than we actually need - it's just more difficult to control. And while this product does, indeed, make my hair more manageable it's not such a significant change that the product is an absolute must have.

The Verdict: B, for me. I have pretty good hair in general - thanks, Mom & Dad - so I don't really need to tame it to the nth degree. The styling lotion definitely does what it promises, but the impact on my hair wasn't significant. And...I just wish it was a bit more affordable.

Coley's Tips: If you live (or visit) an outlet with a Cosmetics Company Store, they typically care Bumble & Bumble on the cheap. I bought my 8 oz. bottle for $17...hey, $5 in savings is a large latte. In terms of styling tips, I have used this product before blow drying or curling - that's when I think it performs best. Also, I recommend spraying into your hands and roughing up your roots with the product. This way, you can control the amount you use (reducing your spray waste) and the product gets to the most important place on your head, first.

That's all I have for today! Anyone out there use B&B's Styling Lotion?