April 27, 2010

My IRL Take on Zac Posen for Target...

Hey everyone! Because I was bouncing around Chicago on Sunday, I wasn't able to make it to my local Charlotte Target for the unveiling of Zac Posen's Target line. However, I did have a chance to try on a few of his duds on Monday evening...here are some IRL photos and my thoughts...

Normally I would link up my photos to the dresses online, but unfortunately, 90% of them are sold out right now. Your best bet is to trek to your local Tar-jay or check eBay if it's all sold out online...

Tiger Print Sailor Dress, $39.99 (Size Small shown)

My review: I think this dress is adorable. Is the print a bit much - sure - but I like it anyway. I know some ladies take issue with the sleeves, but I think they are kind of kitchy cute. As for the material, it's not the nicest ever, but it's flowy and lays nicely. The fit is great with one exception - the chest. It's hard to tell from my photos, but my sisters were squished down in the size small. The back is also really adorable - there is a small opening and a tie behind the neck.

Snap Tape Dress, $69.99 (Size small shown)

My review: This dress is fab - I really wished it worked for me. The fabric is nice and the cut of the dress is just lovely...however, this runs supa tight across the chest (even more so than the Sailor dress). I could not zip up the dress past the chest - too bad...because it worked really well everywhere else.

Snap Tape Top, $49.99 (Size small shown)

My review: Cute top - too expensive for Target though, in my opinion. The snaps are nice and you can therefore adjust the look and the fit. The color is nice and bright but the fabric is just meh.

Tiger Print Tank, $16.99 (Size small shown)

My Review: Cute little cotton tank, but this ran ginormous on me. Very large in the armholes and just a wee bit "droopy" all over.

Tuxedo Jacket, $49.99 (Size small shown)

My Review: Such a hot little jacket. The design and fit are just fab. The small fit pretty true to size and if I had any need for another little jacket, I would have scooped this up in a hot second. It's an interesting piece and definitely one of my faves from the collection.

So, friends...those are my few reviews from the Zac Posen Tar-jay collection! Did you scoop up any pieces?