April 2, 2010

WTF Friday - L-insanity Does It Again

Happy Friday everyone! Hooray! *Friday dance*

Up for WTF Friday today is none other than the classic, the crazy Ms. LaLoca herself.

I mean...comon' Linds. *Bangs head on desk* She certainly has a bi-polar thing going on with her wardrobe. Once moment she's looking like a skank-a-roo and the next she's dressed in grandma's curtains and orthopedic shoes. WTF. You have such potential! Stop it and hire a stylist! Pretty please?

And then there is Forever21...which I really do appreciate for super cheap, trendy wear. But it is inevitable that they will crank out some superfug items like zee one below...

Ladies, feast your eyes on F21's Beaded Fringe Top. Whaaaaa?! It looks like a hair braider got a hold of a white tee and did some heinous things to it. Who in their RIGHT mind would sport this? Oh and if you want to see it on a human, look no further...

You can't even see her whole face but you know she's right about to say WTF did you put me in?

On a different note, I must say HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to my incredible husband! He doesn't read my blog every day, but hopefully he can save a moment to read this little public note of mush.

I have the most adorable, wonderful, warm, funny, intelligent, kind, loving & generous husband. I'm a lucky woman. Happy birthday, babe!

Here's hoping I don't burn the house down trying to cook dinner for you tonight!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the beaded fringe top! NOT!!! I think you are right, the model was so embarrased about this top that she requested her face kept hidden for this disaster.

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday to your Husband!

LiLo! What is wrong with her? Where did she even find that dress?!

And seriously F21? Is that an April Fools joke to see if anyone will fall for it!? Frightening!

Chloe said...

Aww, you didn't post the picture of cocai- I mean, um, baby powder coming out of her shoes! That has to be my favorite Lindz look, *ever*.

Happy birthday, Mr. Coley's Closet!