May 5, 2010

Bloggy Feedback Please & Some Cheap Thrills...

Hi everyone! Before I get to today's edition of Cheap Thrills, please take the poll below and/or shoot me some comments (or even an e-mail) regarding my daily features. While I do blog items and features that I enjoy, I also want to keep the content fresh and new for all of you fabulous readers! I am always open to suggestions for new posts or features! And, I can really take some good constructive criticism...that will only make my blog better than ever!

Thanks so much!!! :)

And onto today's Cheap Thrills...

I really love Sephora's weekly deals - I think they offer some incredible products on the cheap. And what kind of lady doesn't love pretty cosmetics for a gift?!

Oh - Happy Cinco de Mayo, ladies! Enjoy a super-sized margarita and some guac!