May 25, 2010

Currently Craving: Wonderful Wedges

Hi everyone!

Before I get to my feature of the day - Happy birthday, Dad! Dad reads my blog quite you!

As some of you may know, in addition to my full-time gig, I occasionally work in a local clothing boutique a few weekend days per month. In said boutique I am often walking around the store, helping customers, ringing up, etc. i.e. - I'm not sitting on my ass all day. Naturally, I routinely put up a fight with myself similar to the following...

Coley: I want to wear heels to work, it just looks so much better overall.
Me: Sure it does, but let's be real, your feet will start hurting after two hours of walking around.
Coley: True, but they look SO much better...especially since I am sporting the inseam of a 10 year-old.
Me: Thanks for the dig. Ok...let's try to find the most comfortable heels in the closet...

So, yes. I usually throw on heels and bring flats with me, because let's be real, around 2 pm, my feet are screaming. To counteract the foot pain, if I break down and wear heels, I have been sporting wedges. I LOVE wedges. Hubs thinks that wedges are funny little shoes - all wedge-like. Durrr.

But I proclaim my love for wedges - they are exponentially more comfortable than heels and still give my midge legs a mighty lift.

Below is a set of some slammin' wedges that I have had my eye on....especially those super fun tie-up Sam Edelmans and the gold tube Dolce Vita wedges. Also, I saw the DVF brown platforms at Nordies just this weekend (see the bottom right corner) - they are STUNNING.

Does anyone else love wedges as much as I do?

And if you're still shopping...