May 14, 2010

WTF Friday: Ms. Mariah and Anthro Antics

WTF Friday is in fulllllll force!

Up first today is Ms. Mariah Carey...oh lawdy...

Photo via: Nathanael Jones/Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

And yeeeaaah...I realize that Mariah can dress a little kooky at times, a little "stuck in the '90s"...but I'm sorry, there is NO excuse for hte atrocity above. The too-tight blueberry, cropped sweatsuit with platform heels is just NOT ok. Girlfriend - I am totes ok with sporting a casual look but this does noooothing for you and you look silly. WTF Mariah - please bring back the "Honey" days. You looked put together and fashionably chic.

And then there is the Bunting Peplum Cardigan from Anthropologie...

I have NO problem with the cut or stripey-ness - I think it's quite fetching, actually. No no, the reason that this sweet little cardi makes it into my WTF Friday is because of its price. It's $248.

WTF, Anthro. I don't care if it's Leifsdottir. It's a cute, cotton cardi - $248 is insane. INSANE. Does it wash my car for me? Because at $248, it absolutely should.

So, folks those are my WTFs of the day! Any to share?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shoutout to my fabulous friend, Cathy - she's graduating and earning her MBA this weekend! HOORAY!