May 27, 2010

Go Nude...Pumps Only

In honor of my birthday (and birthday suit, I guess) I wanted to forgo today's Cubicle to Cocktails and instead provide a set of everyone's lusted after shoe (or at least MY favorite shoe)...the nude patent pump!

It seems that this is an obsession of many as of late - finding the perfect patent pump, peeptoe, sandal, etc. So, I did a little lookin' and here is what I came up with!

Prices range from $70 - $490. Let's be real - if you're going to do a bit of splurging on any shoe - this would be the one. Find a shade that gets as close to your skin tone as possible, the point of perfect patent is to lengthen the leg line. My gifted Louboutins are nude patent - and not only do I treasure them, but they really do go with everything.

Enjoy the day!