May 4, 2010

Tricky Trend: Rompity Rompers

Hi everyone!

Today's Tricky Trend is the romper. Otherwise known as the jumper or the playsuit, the romper is a tricky little trend as many women can feel childish in their onesie. ha. I've heard many friends state that they could "never wear" a romper. I disagree - I think most women could rock a long as some thought is put into the look beforehand.

Here are my romper rules that will help you from feeling like a three-year-old at daycare...
  • Pay attention to fit: You're probably saying, "Durrrr, Coley". Yes. Of course you will pay attention to the fit. BUT, because rompers are all one piece, make sure that they highlight your best assets. This means that if you have great legs, don't buy a romper with fugly long shorts. If you have great arms, make sure the cut of the sleeve is favorable. Tiny waist? Make sure the romper is elasticized or can be cinched. While this may seem fairly obvious, I've seen some ladies in particularly heinous rompers.
  • Keep in mind the fabric and the use: The cool thing about most rompers is that you can easily transition them from day to night. One main caveat to this is the fabric choice. A cotton or linen-blend romper may look great at the beach, but it's going to be tougher to transition into cocktail wear. On the other hand, a light-weight silk romper can serve double duty. I personally favor the more luxe looking rompers, but to each her own!
  • Watch your assets: Keeping in mind the fit (see above), make sure none of your assets are hanging out. The romper is a fun piece, but because it's assembled into one piece, you can't really adjust the fit very much. If your assets are even slightly on display, just say no. You need to size up or find something else.
  • Don't drink too much: You may not think about this until the situation arises, but rompers aren't great for heavy drinking situations. Every time you have to head to the ladies' room, the whole thing has to come down. This is especially obnoxious if your romper features buttons, a belt, or some other bathroom-hindering device.
So, those are just a few of my romper rules. Here's a little set of a few of my favorite rompers...

Do you rock the romper? Any tips or tricks to add?