May 13, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails & Chloe Has a Giveaway!

Happy Thursday to all!

Today's Cubicle to Cocktails is a bit crazier than something I would normally sport (re: pattern on pattern), but many a woman can work that look, so I figured I'd feature a look with those elements! The floral blazer is a nod to the 80s, but I think the punchy color works well with basic black, cropped pants for work.

As for the cocktail look, I paired that punchy blazer with a neutral-colored stripey skirt. This look may be crazy busy for some, but I think the flattering stripes and fit of the skirt could work with a brighter jacket. If you're not into pattern on pattern, any jacket would look fab paired with the cowl top and skirt (a crisp white boyfriend blazer or bright red fitted jacket come to mind).

So, what do you think - have you tried pattern on pattern?

And...FYI to all of you ShopBop fans (and really who isn't?), Ms. Chloe of The Chloe Conspiracy and See Chloe Shop is giving away a $100 ShopBop Giftcard! To learn all the deets clickity click right here.

The skirt shown in the Cocktails look is from ShopBop and I lurrrrrve's hoping I win so the lovely little skirt is mine mine mine.