May 20, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: Getting High Waisted at Work

I am laughing already at my title. I could have done so much more damage with it, but I held back. Seriously, mom, I held back.

So, today's Cubicle to Cocktails features high waisted pants - not everyone's best friend, but if worn correctly they look smashing. Word to the wise - clearly these types of pantalones can drown the vertically-challenged ladies. However, slap on some heels, cinch the waist and even the shortest of shorties can wear these - just watch your proportion. Larger hips? Make certain that these pants hit you at your natural waist (the smallest circumference, ladies). The line should be wider, but long and lean.

I think these can really work well for the office environment, I love these with a classic white button down, pale pink belt and lovely lariat. Elegant and appropriate. For cocktail time, I'm a big fan of a one shoulder ruffled top (which, by the way, if you're super busty this probably won't look supa hot on you), tuck 'er in and use the same belt and pair of pants. It will look similar to a jumper - hawt. And can I just say I am obsessed with the Rosegold Marni Laser Cut Heels shown in the cocktail portion of the set below (they come in beige, too!). 

So, thoughts on today's Cubicle to Cocktails? Do you ever get high waisted at work?

And even more high waisted trousers if you're a lookin'!