May 7, 2010

WTF Friday: No, no Scar Jo

Happy Friday to all! I apologize again for a short computer was semi-hijacked (not physically) so I'm going through some not-so-fun attempts at remedying the problem. Hence the posts via iPhone...which take much longer!

On to todays's of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood today (in my opinion). Scarlet Johansson went from ahhhhmazing here, in Armani Prive at the Iron Man 2 premiere LA...

Gorgeous, no?! Impeccable. And then just days later she wears this Miu Miu disaster at the White House Correspondent's Dinner...

Ummm...Scarlet you are lovely and have a smashing figure, why on earth would you load 86 pounds of pink fabric onto your hips?! No no no, Scar Jo. This dress makes this fabulous young woman look stout...and I didn't even think that was possible (luf the hair and makeup, though).

Sooo ladies - thoughts on Scarlet's pink parade?!