May 19, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Drinking the Bucks, Starbucks, That Is

Greetings, lovely readers! Today's edition of (personal) cheap thrills is all about Starbucks. Why? Because I love Starbucks.

While I'm putting this out there, please don't flame me for destroying the local coffee shops of the world. I like them too. Don't drink the haterade.

All in all, Star-bizzys (as hubs and I like to call it) is geographically close to work for me, so that wins out for today's post.
  • Chai Soy Latte: I don't even drink soy milk on a regular basis, but soy milk in this little beverage is delish.
  • Milk Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers: Right by the register. nomnomnom
  • Spinach & Feta Wrap: A healthy & delicious little egg white wrap with roasted tomatoes, feta and spinach.
  • Iced Passion Tea: I like the unsweetened version.
And onto today's cheap thrills! It's mainly composed of accessories this week...but if you look to the bottom right corner of this set you will see the sweetest little jewelry tree! Oh - and it's less than $12 - hooray!

Do tell, what is your favorite cheap(ish) thrill at Star-bizzys?