January 4, 2010

Product Reviews: Walgreens Wonders, A, A, A!

Hi everyone! I hope each of you had a wonderful New Year's celebration!

Up for today are three Walgreen wonder products. Why are they wonders, you wonder? Well, each product is fantastic, less than $10 and can be easy found at (most) Walgreens.

Some of my favorite drugstore products are the generic brands, themselves. Why? Because they are relatively the same great products and work just as well as the brand name schtuff for half the price! All three of these little gems get an "A" in my book for quality, quantity and accessibility. And here we go!

1) Dickson's Witch Hazel: $4.49: Damn good facial toner. Non-stinging, refreshing and cheap! This baby is always a re-buy for me. Keeps my skin nice and clean without drying it out. Oh, and it's 16 oz. for that price. Holy guacamole.

2) Walgreens Cocoa Butter Lotion: $3.99: I apply body lotion pretty liberally every day, as my skin can get a bit dry. Because I use so much, I typically shy away from super pricey body lotions. Meet the mother of affordable, nice smelling, rich moisture. This jug of lotion is more than 24 ounces and has lasted me at least six months. Word to the wise, if you do not like the smell of cocoa butter, you will not like this....Captain Obvious, here!

3) Walgreens Regenerating Night Cream: $7.99 (on sale): This is a great (and affordable) substitute for Oil of Olay Regenerist Night Cream. I  have routinely caught this bad boy on super sale too. A very good night cream that keeps micro lines at bay!

Any drugstore wonders you care to share?

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