January 20, 2010

Wednesday Cheap Thrills

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's been kind of a crazy week, so pardon my short post today...

A few of my cheap thrills:

  • Weeknight movies - Saw Lovely Bones last night...not an amazing film, but it was good (the book was, of course, WAY better)
  • Triscuits - yep, just Triscuits
  • Beating my husband at Monopoly
  • Loaned books from friends...so much easier and cheaper than going to the Barnes & Noble or even the library

And for the other cheap thrills...a nice set of pick-me-ups, in which every item is less than $25. How precious is that random little bird cage necklace?! Enjoy!

Cheap Thrills: Each Item Less Than $25

Items in this set:


JustinsMami said...

<3 them all - I have the pink frilly top and its very cute...I want that birdcage necklace!! And the one sleeve shirt!

Love cheap thrills, keep 'em coming.

LuLu said...

I love them all and need them all! Think my hubby would mind?? hehehe! Thanks for sharing!! :D