January 8, 2010

WTF Friday: Rihanna & Leighton

Oh mama. Do I have some fun WTFs for you today...let's not waste any time!

Oh Leighton...we've talked about your wacky "fashion sense" before. What is this look, "naked Victorian"? Just because your pants are high rise, does not mean that the remainder  of your outfit is pardoned from covering the rest of your body. WTF, girlfriend...please cease from wearing the fugtastic enembles, you're such a cute young lady, please dress like one.

And then there is Rihanna, who I think is just stunning and can rock just about anything...except this. But, WTF, clearly girlfriend is a fan of the 80s with these ho-rrendous leggings and Barbie shoes. RiRi - we're confused, we like your avant garde looks and your fashion forward ensembles, but this messy shiz is NOT attractive, even on you.

And these super duper lace shorts. Yes, Forever21, this is exactly what I was looking for to complete my weekend attire. Skin tight, long, sheer lace shorts. YES! Thank God. Now my wardrobe is complete. It's so Madonna circa 1984, except it's not Halloween and it's not hot...at all.

Any WTFs to share?


Miss K said...

Leighton dresses soooo funky! I always have to write WTF about her outfits, but every now and then she looks great. Rihanna has lost her touch lately, she's been in a weird transition with her style.

Drewablank said...

You always crack me up with these WTF posts! Leighton IS a pretty girl, and I don't see why she has to be so outlandish with her outfits. :(

And Rihanna, Miss K got it right, it seems she's in a weird transition and might just be trying out new things. *shrugs*

Thanks, Coley!

The Owl's Closet said...

oh no, i'm not a fan of leighton's ensemble either! she usually looks great, but lately not so much. she's still a gorgeous girl, though:)


Coley said...

Miss K - I totally agree...Leighton can look really lovely at times...

Drew - Thanks for stopping by! Maybe Rihanna is just getting lazy?

Owl's Closet - Yeah, but of them are such pretty girls..they just keep ruining it! Over and over again...

Justine said...

haha, oh wow. Those biker shorts... ?! Sometimes I laugh at how inane F21 can be, aww. :-P


Amber said...

haha!!1 your wtf Fridays are hilarious!