January 12, 2010

Psyched for Sping: Old Navy Picks

Hi everyone!

So, yes, I know it's only the beginning of January, but I'm already thinking spring! I quickly skimmed through Old Navy's first showing of spring offerings. I'm happy to say that they have tons of cute spring classics -  neutral colored trench coats, pops of color in lightweight sweaters, airy scarves and slouchy, comfortable chinos and boyfriend jeans.

Here are just a few spring picks that I spied at Old Navy...

What are you crushing on for spring?!
Psyched for Spring: Old Navy

Items in this set:


Miss K said...

I just stopped by Old Navy yesterday to check out their spring stuff, and the dresses are cuter online, but they have super cute shorts right now! They also have some really cute earrings as well. Who knew?

Coley said...

Miss K - Nice! You can find super cute scarves and accessories there...always a cute pick.