January 29, 2010

WTF Friday: Mr. & Mrs. Roper Edition

Good morning, all!

Today's edition of WTF Friday features two Roper replicas-you know, the Ropers from Three's Company?!

So, first up is Joe Jonas sporting a heinous suit...

Oh Joe...besides looking like a Roper replica, he could also be auditioning for a Pee Wee Herman role. Joe-repita por favor, no more fugly suits from 1977, ever.

And then there is the gorgeous Kristen Bell, who, in my opinion, dresses impeccably 95% of the time. Enter the 5%...

Kristen?! Girlfriend? Did you thief some window treatments and fasten them around your teeny little self? This frock does nothing for you...you look like a fudgesicle-or maybe that's a fug- sicle. Please return to the light, happy & lovely dresses you normally sport!

Any WTFs to share?!


Miss K said...

Kudos for both WTFs today, they were HEINOUS.

heathernkids said...
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heathernkids said...

(had to fix linkage!)

Disclaimer: clicking on the following link may cause spontaneous blindness courtesy of an Ed Hardy t-shirt, a dead grizzly bear, and Jeans al la Edward Scissorhands


heathernkids said...

crap! it's that trash J Woww, the link will take you to dlisted's post and then look at the picture below...where he refers to her as a "middle-aged truck stop prosty"