July 22, 2009

Currently Craving: Ornamental Onyx Jewelry

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I'm currently craving ornamental onyx jewelry...even if its not real onyx, of course! I've been seeing plenty of celebs, from Anne Hathaway to Fergie, sporting onyx earring, necklaces and onyx Cartier Panther rings.

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

So, in honor of my onyx love, behold my polyvore set!
And, keeping the recessionistas in mind, nothing in this set is over $40!

Are you craving onyx jewelry?

Ornamental Onyx Jewelry


MeggyD said...

I love those Nello Earrings!!

Coley said...

Hey Meggy! Aren't they gorgeous! Amrita Singh has some incredible jewelry...and a good portion of it is on sale now!

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful!