July 15, 2009

Stone Drape Necklace Back at Forever21

Back in May, I bought the white Stone Drape Necklace at F21 for $13.80. I have worn it countless times and it quickly sold out online and in-stores. But guess what...it's back in black!

Here is the new version. I highly recommend this piece as an affordable statement necklace! It doesn't cost a c-note or two, so clearly it's not made of the best quality materials!

Nonetheless, this piece looks super sharp even with a plain v-neck and jeans. It may be a bit dark for summer, but it will look smashing for fall and winter.

Are you diggin' the drape necklace?


Coley said...


MeggyD said...

I can NOT believe this is F21 - it looks expensive. So cute - good find!

Coley said...

Thanks Meggy! It looks great irl, too!