July 23, 2009

Outfit of the Day: J Crew Sanur and Target Palesa Gladiators

I love the J. Crew Sanur dress. I love it so much that I own two...one gray and one mango. I decided to share my Sanur love and sport my gray option at work today, as my workplace is a bit casual.

I paired my gray Sanur with a cropped Old Navy jean jacket, silver hoops, big ponytail (which you sadly can't see) and pewter Target gladiator sandals.

I love this outfit...it's easy and breezy. I can't wait to bring this dress along with my other beachy items on vacation in a few weeks!

Do you have any beachwear suggestions for me?


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Oh you look absolutely adorable! I have three of the Sanur dresses now and absolutely love them! Definitely bring both of yours to the beach. :) Do you have any of the J.Crew linen beach shorts? They are really nice and perfect for the beach, too. ;) Also make sure to bring flip flops, a maxi-dress, and a cardigan or two for the chilly evening beach air. Have fun! :)

Coley said...

Thanks, FFM! I haven't tried the J. Crew linen beach shorts...I should check those out!