July 31, 2009

Loving My GAP Shrunken Boyfriend Blazer

Happy Friday, all!

As soon as I make a purchase, I pretty much have to wear it. Read impatience. I used to "save" items to wear for a special occasion, but now I am a firm believer that you should try to look, and therefore feel, your best every day. New clothes make me feel very special. hahaha!

Today was no exception. I am loving my GAP Shrunken Boyfriend blazer that I reviewed yesterday along with some other items. I'm currently sporting with jeans with the sleeves rolled up, but I think it would look precious over a dress, too!

Here's my outfit of the day. What do you think?

Outfit of the Day
Outfit of the Day by Coley's Closet Cravings featuring GAP


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Very cute outfit! I have the Gap Boyfriend blazer and love it, too! I also ordered the Herringbone one from the website to see it IRL. I hope it fits as well as the navy one does. Btw, what size pants do you normally wear at Gap? I also ordered the Boyfriend Jeans in a size 2 and I'm curious to know if we're about the same size. Thanks! :)

J said...

Such a cute outfit! That blazer is adorable.

Coley said...

Thanks FFM & J!