July 29, 2009

New Shopping Site Discovery...Papayaclothing.com

While I was surfing the endless shopping options online, I ran into papayaclothing.com. Much to my delight it reminds me a bit of lulus.com crossed with Forever 21's Love21 line with a touch of GoJane.com.

Now, maybe I'm just late to the party, but I have never surfed Papaya's site before. And even though it looks like they snatched up Hef's twins from the Playboy mansion to model their clothing, I found some very cute items. Sure there is a lot of ruching and ruffles to many of their items, but keep your eye on the prize, I promise there is cuteness in there. Prices roughly range from $10-$20 for tops and $15-$30 for dresses...super affordable. I can't comment directly about the quality, as I've never ordered from there.

Here's a mini Polyvore set that features a few cute Papaya items. This could be a good website to check for those trendy pieces that you really don't want to invest to much cash in.

What do you think of Papayaclothing.com?

Papaya Set
Papaya Set by Coley's Closet Cravings on Polyvore.com


MeggyD said...

Never heard of it either... I like your selections! You should get something and try it out for us all. :)

Coley said...

Oh Meggy...you're feeding the frenzy!

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