July 25, 2009

I Hate My Boobs and Now I Hate the Mall

I have a problem. Granted, I'm sure I have lots of problems. But really though, my boobs are a problem. I know, I should be thankful for what I have, and I am - thanks mom and grandma, but they can be a problem. They are a problem when shopping for a swimsuit (and running long distances, golfing and wearing button-down shirts) but I digress.

As I mentioned previously, I am headed to the beach in just a few weeks which means:

1) Running a few extra miles
2) Easing up on the gelato
3) Finding a new swimsuit that has some sort of support for the sisters

I thought number three would be a piece of cake., especially compared to number two. But, no - hell no. I spent hours at the mall yesterday trying to find a cute swimsuit that had some sort of underwire. I found nothing, zilch, nada. I thoroughly thank my husband for being patient while I scoured the mall and left with nothing...and pouted.

I tried on one suit on at Everything But Water and it looked heinous. So, I am attempting one more store today and then I will have to order online. But the funny thing is...there aren't even that many options online short of the Victoria's Secret Miracle Bra Suit and crazy tankinis. J. Crew does have some cute suits online, but they either are out of my size or the item I want is final sale, a terrible idea for me when it comes to swimwear.

All I want it a cute, underwire top without a nutty design and normal, low-rise bottoms. Am I asking for too much? No one wants to look inappropriate or saggy-mc-saggerson.

This is not a good look for me...

Help two sisters out...any suggestions?


Lorene said...

Have you looked at this website.... you can choose different styles and sizes for tops and bottoms? They have underwire too.


Not sure if you'll like the styles! Good luck!

Coley said...

Thanks, Lorene! I'll check that out :)

Anonymous said...

Try Venus.com I get mine from there.~ Pollyanna

Coley said...
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Coley said...

Thanks, Pollyanna :)

Anonymous said...

Gap Body had underwire bikini tops earlier in the season. Not sure if they still do, but it is worth a try.