July 20, 2009

Real Life Review: Nordstroms Vigoss Ritz Jeans

The photos below are the Vigoss Ritz Jeans currently on sale at the Nordstroms anniversary sale for $35.90. I reviewed them over the weekend. As you can see they have a nice dark wash and some medium distressing. Although I didn't take any back shots, the pockets are normal and not offensive by any means.

Even though I'm a denim snob, I really love this pair. They have just enough stretch and are pretty comfy for a pair of skinny jeans. I think this pair looks great with both feminine and androgynous pieces.

What do you think? For $35.90, are they a buy for you?

Vigoss Ritz jeans, Target Proenza Schouler top, Kohl's pumps, Forever 21 belt

Vigoss Ritz jeans, Banana Republic tank, Necessary Objects blazer, Tahari Shasta shoes, Forever 21 necklace


Shruti said...

Yeah, so I went to Costco to pick up some milk and I noticed they have SFAMK jeans there! I was too stunned to even notice the price, but it really made me wonder. How does a brand like SFAMK, worn by the likes of Nicky Hilton and sold at Neiman Marcus, become available for a lower price point at Costco? Doesn't that totally tarnish the brand's reputation? I would love your insights and a review of Costco's SFAMK jeans, Coley!

Coley said...

Hey Shruti!

I'll have to take a look next time I run to Costco. My guess it that the wash/cut that is offered up at Costco is from a previous season.

Discounters like Marshall's and TJ Maxx will also carry SFAMK (in addition to retailers like Off Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms Rack), usually a past season and/or slightly irregular. I've seen them on sale for $50-$90.

Nonetheless - I'll definitely be on the lookout during my next Costco trip!

MeggyD said...

I've seen 7 jeans and Rock and Republic at Costco before too. I think it's basic cuts and/or from previous seasons.

They certainly go fast though!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Love the jeans on you Coley! Definitely a great find! :)

Coley said...

Thanks FFM! They are super comfy.