July 30, 2009

My trip to GAP...for the 30% Give to Get Promo

On my lunch break today I took a quick trip over to GAP to check out a few things for the 30% Give to Get Promo. And, although I'd really like to post some real-life pictures of items I tried on, my computer at home crashed so that's a no-go.

So, to make this a swift post, below are the few items I attempted and my reviews!

Long Wrap Cardigan: This looked nice and cozy on the hanger, but on me it looked a little too casual. Reminded me a bit of pjs - I bet my mom would like it. She loves her some pjs.

Boyfriend Jeans: I tried on a size 2 and they were MONSTROUS. Seriously huge on me, I looked like a little girl trying on her grandpa's jeans. And listen up, GAP, I'm not that small. Also, although I like the wash, the whiskering on the front was a bit much for me.

Shrunken Schoolboy Blazer: Adorable. I can definitely see wearing this all through fall and into the North Carolina "winter". It's a nice weight and it's well lined, too. I tried on a 2 and it fit great.

Braided Corsage Tee: Super cute on the hanger. I tried on this top in an XS in a beautiful steel gray but it was really big. I didn't see this in petites...but if I had maybe it would look better on me?

Are you going to head to Old Navy, GAP or Banana Republic for the 30% off promo?

*Don't forget - if you need an in-store code, just send me an email and I'll hook you up!

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