July 24, 2009

Friday Special: Your Bank - Break It or Save It

Good morning, friends!

Today's edition of Your Bank - Break It or Save It features pink wrap dresses, python handbags, beaded cluster necklaces and grey suede pumps. The set on the left will foreclose your home for roughly $13,000, since that gorgeous Kara Ross python bag retails for $6,500 alone, while the set on the right retails for approximately $200.

I must say though, the DVF dress on the left is incredible, I may have to stalk that one online and wait for it to go one sale. Also, Simply Vera, Vera Wang's line at Kohl's, has some incredible jewelry for minimal prices...The Chloe Conspiracy featured some of the Vera lovlies just yesterday.

What do you think - break it or save it? Or maybe a bit of both?

Break It or Save It

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