July 21, 2009

Hysterical Harem Pants

There are some trends that I understand will never look good on me. There are some trends that I can't afford. And then there are some trends (very few) that I find absolutely ridiculous, inane and insane. A perfect example of a trend that I find absolutely inane is harem pants.

Hammer don't hurt 'em.

In all seriousness though, it's like the fashion community really wants harem pants to work. So much so, that the pants have been popping up everywhere from Neiman Marcus to Forever 21. I'm still not biting, I think they are fug. Who wants the crotch of their pants to hover at their knees?

The only, and let me emphasize again, the only women who should even be attempting harem pants are those who are tall and very slender. Example: Angie Harmon.

And even still...these Ralph Lauren harem pants had to be streamlined and immesely modified to resemble beautiful pijama pants. Nice job, Ralph.

Photo Credit: Kat Prouse/Catwalking/Getty; Donato Sardella/Wireimage

Are harem pants too legit to quit or should they just quit?


Anonymous said...

These pants are fug! wow...good post

Carole said...

Hi Coley,

Found your blog at mua (I post there too. I'm 'spottie'.) I wish harem pants would go away, as well as, the majority of 80s references. Harem pants only look good when they are "flowy" as the RLs are.


Coley said...

Thanks for visiting, Carole! Your blog is great...you have some seriously fierce shoes! Love them!

Anonymous said...